Dale Carlton

Dale Carlton

Dale has been an attorney for 14 years and has been working in the real estate field for 17 years in Arkansas.  He is a national speaker having spoken to over 50,000 people in all 50 states and several foreign countries.  He also teaches 5 masters level higher education courses, including:  Business Law, Real Estate Law, Transaction Management, Brokerage Management and a Reporting and Performance Management course.

As an attorney, Dale has worked primarily in the real estate field, but also spent several years working in family law with a firm specializing in that practice.  He also has worked specifically on eminent domain cases, oil and gas law cases, and has extensive experience in contracts and business law.

Dale has a strong background in real estate, and has personally sold well over $150 million in properties ranking him as one of the top real estate agent in Northwest Arkansas every year.  Dale spent 8 years with one of the largest real estate companies in Arkansas where they did over $3 billion in sales while he was an Executive Broker and Senior Vice President for the company.  He has spent the last 9 years as the Broker/Owner of Carlton Realty, Inc. and continues to represent many of the clients he has worked with since he first started in the real estate business.

Dale is well known in the Northwest Arkansas area for taking a straight forward, direct and honest approach.  His past clients will tell you that he does not like to talk fluff and is often very blunt about what he feels is the best professional decision in any circumstance.  Below are those things that separate Dale from other attorneys in Arkansas.

  • Licensed Attorney for over 14 years.
  • Professor teaching masters level courses such as Business Law and Real Estate Law
  • 2015 President of the Council of Residential Specialists (the largest and most respected professional real estate designation).
  • Sells between $10-$15 million in real estate annually.
  • Personally invests in real estate by owning multiple rental properties.
  • Represents a number of renovators in Northwest Arkansas, including Mark Zweig, Inc., allowing him a better understanding of the remodel needs of homes.
  • Has built many homes in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Is respected as one of the top 20 educators nationally, and is invited to speak in 20-30 states annually.
  • Has been a state real estate educator teaching many of the local agents their license and continuing education courses.
  • Consults with large real estate companies across the nation on best practices for representing clients.
  • Sits on multiple boards and invests his time and money into his community.

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